Deep face cleansing in 1 minute

Eggo sonic face cleansing device softly rubs your face cleansing gel or foam into your face, removes makeup residue and dead cells while effectively cleansing pores. A gentle massage improves microcirculation and makes your skin soft and glowy.

👋🏼 Silky soft skin!

Why eggo?

Silky soft skin in 1 minute

How is this even possible? Easy. :) Take a minute for yourself in do something good for your skin.

Acne-free skin

A tired face after a long day makes great conditions for bacteria and impurities on your face. Get rid of them with your new daily routine.

Brush away bacteria

Silicone is prone to bacteria while makeup sponges and brushes are not. 

Deep cleansing & massage

Choose one of 5 speed levels that offer you cleasning and a relaxing massage in one go. Babe, you deserve this.

How does it work?

Sonic technology

With up to 8500 pulses a minute, eggo rubs cleansing gel deeply into your skin, offering a gentle massage while removing impurities from your face.

Silicone bristles 2 in 1

Remove your makeup with the bristles in the front and massage your face with the bristles in the back. No worries, bacteries don't stick to the slilicone. :)

5-speed options

Set your own pace and choose the speed that suits you the most.

Forget about everyday charging

Up to 2 months of usage on a single charge. Place it in the stand and charge in wirelessly.


Use it under the shower and save time for the rest of your skincare routine.

Automatic turn-off

Even though it will be difficult to put it down, eggo will turn-off after 3 minutes, so you can truly relax.