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Sonic face cleansing device

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Deep facial cleansing in 1 minute

  • Instant results - noticeably smoother skin after the first use
  • Sonic technology with micro vibrations thoroughly cleanses and gently massages
  • The softest silicone bristles prevent bacteria accumulation
  • Waterproof and suitable for use in the shower


  • icon Hypoallergenic bristles
  • icon Up to 6 months of usage on a single charge
  • icon 5 speed levels
  • icon Automatic switch-off after 3 minutes
  • icon
    Soft and non-porous bristles prevent the growth of bacteria
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    EGGO charges in 2 hours and lasts up to 6 months if used daily
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    The different speed levels allow you to personalise and adjust your routine
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    Automatic switch-off after 3 minutes
Sonic technology
Up to 8,500 gentle pulses per minute at five speed levels glide across the outer layer of the skin, while offering a low-frequency massage that helps facial muscles to relax and deeply cleanse the skin. On the other side of the eggo device larger bristles improve the blood flow and allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeper below the skin's surface.
What does sonic cleansing mean? 🧽

Sonic technology represents cleansing with very fast vibrations, which with up to 8500 vibrating pulses per minute remove impurities, clean pores and massage and remove dead cells from the face.

Why is sonic cleansing useful at all?

You've probably cleaned your face with your hands or cotton pads by now, haven't you? 😉 Bacteria accumulate on the hands during the day, which you can then transfer to the face with your hands. This causes pimples on your skin or the accumulation of other impurities that worsen the condition of the skin.

How often is it recommended to use? Can overuse destroy skin?

The frequency of use depends mainly on your skin. 😊 We recommend that you start slowly only a few times a week to see how your skin responds to it. Then you can increase or decrease the frequency, depending on what suits you. If you use it every day, a minute of cleaning will be enough, but if you use it only a few times a week, it can be up to three minutes at a time - after that the EGGO automatically shuts off. 🙌🏼

Can I use it in the shower? 💦

Yes! ☺️ There is nothing better than being able to save some time and do a facial care along the way.

Should I use gel, foam or oil for cleansing? 🤔

The gel is the most universal and you can use it regardless of your skin type, but just read on if the selected product happens to be more suitable only for a certain skin type. The structure of the gel also works best under the bristles of the EGGO device as it makes the device glide better on the skin.

The foam is recommended for oily skin, which is prone to pimples and is light to apply. When cleaning with the EGGO device, use it in sufficient quantity to make cleaning as pleasant as possible.

We recommend the oil for all skin types, but its advantage is that it does not dry out the skin too much. It also works great for removing waterproof make-up.

Which side should I massage and which should I clean my face with?

With the one that suits you best. 🤩 The front with smaller and softer bristles is for cleaning, and the back with thicker and harder bristles for massage.

Why silicone bristles?

Unlike synthetic bristles or sponges, bacteria do not stay in silicone bristles. You can also wash the silicone bristles more thoroughly after the treatment and dry them faster.

Do the bristles wear out?

We don't think you're going to wear them out. 😊

How do I clean the device?

After the ego treatment is over, you just rinse the device well under lukewarm water and place it in a stand to dry. Before connecting it to the charger, make sure that the contact is completely clean to prevent accidental short circuits. ⚡️

Can I share the device with my sister or boyfriend?

In principle, it is not recommended to share the device with another person, as it is a facial treatment in which you do not want to apply additional bacteria to the face. "We don't share eggos!" 😆

How long does the battery last? 🔋

With one charge, you can use the EGGO device for up to 2 months, but this depends on the frequency of use. It can also last longer if you do not use it twice a day.

How do I charge it?

Simple - you place the EGGO in the enclosed stands and connect the stand to the charging cable. Charge it when it is empty and preferably overnight so that the battery will definitely be charged for the next day.

Is the device suitable for men?

Of course, why not. And they adore it!. 😊

What do I get in the box?

At the time of purchase, you will receive a device, a storage and charging stand and a charging cable. Of course, we also enclose instructions for use.

What about the warranty?

Valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, with original invoice.

Are you interested in anything else?

Write to us at hi@eggoglow.com and we will be happy to answer any questions. 😊
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90% deeply cleansed skin
96% smoother skin
88 % healthier looking skin

Skincare that feels so good!

EGGO deeply cleanses your face with gentle silicone bristles, removing make-up residue and dead skin cells and effectively purifying pores. Sonic vibrations stimulate microcirculation to leave your skin firm, soft and radiant. Hello glowy skin! ✨

How to use

In just 3 easy steps


Wet your face and the device


Apply the gel on the device


Massage for 1-3 minutes and rinse with water


Incredibly soft and glowy skin

Firm and toned skin

Small and gentle sonic vibrations relax the muscles and stimulate microcirculation.

Smooth skin in 1 minute

Hypoallergenic silicone bristles gently remove dead skin cells for softer skin that you can actually feel.

Breakout-free skin

The first rule is to never skip face cleansing - eggo makes your daily skincare routine more fun and impossible to skip.

Deeply cleanse and massage

Two types of bristles provide a 2-in-1 experience, saving you time while improving results with just one device.

Prep the skin

Deeply cleansed skin makes the perfect canvas for applying your favourite serum, face cream and make-up.

Why do we love it?

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Thank you so much eggo.
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Glowy skin in 1 minute!

Whether your face is sensitive or untouchable, our products were developed to solve the problems of all skin types.

Hi, soft and glowy skin! 👋🏼

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