Our Story

In 2020 our founders Tjaša & Žiga, which happen to be a couple, were faced with a very important dilemma. Tjaša wasn’t really consistent with her skincare routine and she always found it quite boring, but was determined to find something that would give results in an instant and in a fun way. Sassy, right? 😜 But keep reading... 

Žiga, a gentleman as he is, committed himself to helping her find a skincare beauty tool that would help her achieve this - so together they embarked on a journey and dove deep into the core of the face cleansing. 

Tjaša further realised that there is a simple answer to healthier and glowy looking skin - as it all starts with the most basic step in the skincare routine - effective and deep skin cleansing. The latter is often skipped or not done properly, so she realised there is a lot of work to do to educate women about proper skin cleansing & taking care of themselves - which has to be a fun chore too.

Digging deeper, they soon found out that Tjaša is not the only girl in this world with this problem. In fact, after talking to her friends over coffee (and a few gin-tonics later 🍸) they soon told her that they have the same thoughts almost every night before bed. 

The creation of eggo - infinity glow ®️ was an obvious next step for the founders which started as a single product beauty brand but turned out to be a huge success from the day it was launched.

With a motto of “changing the way you clean your face” they are committed to offering fun and effective ways of skin cleansing without spending large budgets on skincare or often visits to the cosmetologists. Because who has the money and the time to do this anyway. 🤷🏼‍♀️

As a trusted brand they have been recognized by Elle, Cosmopolitan (and nominated for Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2020) as well as featured in Douglas, AboutYou, Notino and other large retailers in Europe while receiving awesome feedback by their eggo babes who are using their product. The best part? They are just getting started. ☺️

We’re so glad to have you here. ✨ Join us on our journey!