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Breakout Hero


A patch that reduces superficial pimples overnight

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Breakout Hero

Pimple Fighters
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Pimple Fighters

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The fastest way to reduce superficial pimples, without squeezing.

  • Absorbs the contents of a mature pimple
  • Accelerates healing of wounds caused by pimples
  • Prevents pimple compression
  • Reduces redness and calms inflammation
  • Reduces the size of pimples on the surface of the skin

Good to know:

  • icon For mature pimples
  • icon Absorbs imperfections
  • icon Accelerates scar healing
  • icon Reduces redness
  • icon
    Hydrocolloid - a special gel that gently absorbs and retains the contents of the pimple with a white cap that is already on the surface of the skin
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    Aloe vera reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and calms redness
  • icon
    Centella Asciatica (CICA) helps to strengthen the barrier and reduce redness by retaining moisture and lowering the skin's pH
Ingredient list
Pentaerythrityl Rosinate, Polyisobutene, Cellulose Gum, Mineral Oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
1. What is a hydrocolloid and why to use it? 
Hydrocolloid is a special gel that effectively heals wounds. Patches speed up the healing of the skin after an acne outbreak. Hydrocolloid patches absorb the puss from the pimple and cover the wound. This prevents further inflammation of the pimple. :) Hydrocolloid patches are the best solution for those who like to squeeze pimples, as the patches cover them and prevent scratching or squeezing, which makes the inflamed area heal faster. 

2. Which types of pimples does Breakout Hero work best on? 
Breakout Hero patches are suitable for inflamed pimples - those that are on the surface of the skin and are already white. As long as the pimples are superficial and not subcutaneous, they are perfect candidates for Breakout Hero (for the latter, Bye Bye Blemish is suitable, as it will prevent subcutaneous pimples from "maturing")! 

3. How often should I use Breakout Hero patches? 
You can use them as needed, even one after the other, if the first one did not achieve the desired result. 

4. How long should I use the Breakout Hero patch? 
For best results, we recommend that you use it overnight. Each patch should be used for at least 6-8 hours to get the most out of it. :) 

5. Does Breakout Hero have needles like Bye Bye Blemish? 
No! Breakout Hero is made of hydrocolloid, a special gel for faster wound healing and does not contain micro points. 

6. What type of pimple does Breakout Hero work best on?
Hydrocolloid is an excellent choice for inflamed pimples, with a visible pus head. If the pimple is red or inflamed on the surface, these patches will work best on it. 

7. Can I use Breakout Hero on pimples that I have already squeezed?
This patch is best used on white pimples that are on the surface of the skin. The hydrocolloid will absorb the contents of the pimple. If you have already squeezed the pimple, the patch will heal the scar or dry the inflamed area faster and absorb any remaining contents of the pimple.
How does it work?
The pimple patch contains hydrocolloid, a special gel that absorbs the contents of a mature pimple on the surface of the skin and effectively heals wounds.

When you apply the patch to a mature pimple, it acts on the contents of the pimple and absorbs them overnight. The pimple is reduced in size and the active ingredients heal the wound and reduce redness and inflammation.
95% claim that Breakout Hero absorbs the contents of the pimple with a white cap
91% say the patch works overnight and reduces the size of the pimple
98% claim that the patch prevents from picking the pimples

Say goodbye to pimples while you sleep!

Within 6-8 hours, hydrocolloid patches absorb the contents of the pimple on the surface of the skin. The active ingredients reduce the pimple, calm redness and help heal wounds caused by pimples. Stick on the patch and peel off the imperfections!

How to use

In just 3 easy steps


Apply the patch to the affected area on cleansed skin


Wait 6 hours or leave on overnight


Peel off when it turns white


Visibly reduced, flattened pimple

Do not squeeze. Apply Breakout Hero.

Say goodbye to squeezing pimples and acne scars. Reduce pimples and heal scars with only one patch that works overnight. Feel a pimple brewing under your skin? Prevent it before it erupts with Bye Bye Blemish.


A special gel developed for wound healing that effectively absorbs the contents of the pimple and helps to heal acne scars. If white pus builds up on the patch, you know it's working. :)

CICA (Centella Asciatica)

A winning ingredient for sensitive skin that soothes, restores and hydrates abundantly. It helps to heal scars while nourishing and helps the skin to achieve the right balance.

Aloe vera

Known as a soothing and nourishing ingredient for sensitive skin that helps to heal scars and reduce irritation.

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