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Magic Pads - Pack of 3

Washable make-up remover pads

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Magic Pads - Pack of 3

Ultimate Glow
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Ultimate Glow

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Effectively remove all make-up in 1 minute, with just water.

  • The most sustainable and modern way to remove makeup
  • Use with no additional skin cleansing products, just water
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive and oily
  • Non-irritating


  • icon Reusable
  • icon Machine washable
  • icon Environmentally friendly
  • icon Use just with water
  • icon
    Removes all make-up with just water
  • icon
    No burning eyes or irritated skin
  • icon
    Save up to 3,000 cotton pads a year
  • icon
    Washable and reusable
  • icon
    Use for up to 3 years
Ok first, does it really work?
Try it and return it if it doesn’t. 😝 Our pads were designed to remove even waterproof makeup using only water. If you really want to deeply cleanse your pores too, we recommend a double cleanse which can be done with our 100% natural face cleansing gel.

What should I use EGGO Magic Pads with?
The only thing you need is water. 💧 Rinse the pad well in the water, then squeeze to remove the excess of it. The pad is now ready to remove your makeup effectively.

Can I use it over the eyes?
Yes, of course. Our pads remove waterproof makeup too. When using over the eyes, we recommend you place the pad on one eye and wait for a few seconds for the water to melt the mascara and the fibres to activate. Then gently wipe away the mascara and eye makeup.

Can I use it multiple times a day?
Yes, you can use it whenever you need to remove your makeup.

How do I wash them?
Simply put them in the washing machine - and wash them with similar colours at a temperature of up to 60 degrees, preferably without the fabric softener. Air-dry, do not tumble-dry.

How often should I wash them?
We recommend washing them after every use. Keep in mind that it is the easiest if you have one pad available for each day, so you do the washing only on the weekends. 😉
Material: 100% cotton microfibre 
Care: Wash with similar colours at a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius, preferably without the fabric softener. Air-dry, do not tumble-dry.
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93 % EGGO babes say they work as promised

Say goodbye to conventional cotton pads 👋🏼

Eco-friendly EGGO Magic Pads are made from special 2-ply EGGO Fibres™ that are activated just with water and effectively remove even water-resistant make-up. Save up to 3000 cotton pads a year and switch to reusable pads.

How to use

Wet, remove, reuse!


Wet the cotton pad with lukewarm water (the warmer the better)


Remove make-up


Machine wash

So easy, so EGGO!

Wet the EGGO Magic Pad under water to soften and damp the fibres, then squeeze it to remove excess water. Gently run all over your face in circular motions and wet the pad again if necessary. After use, rinse under water and allow to air dry. Machine wash once a week.

Wet, remove, reuse!

Bundle & Save

Treat yourself with an ultimate routine for glowing skin!

Ultimate Glow

Ultimate Glow includes:

  • 1x Sonic cleansing device
  • 1x 99,5 % natural cleansing gel
  • 1x Magic Pads - pack of 3
  • 1x Headband
€114,00 €96,90 - 15%
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